To think forward, you must first look backward. I get a lot of ideas when I am reflecting on my past self and one of them is this very Payung Planner. Although it is the second product under Payung Positive (the first one is a calendar), it actually brings back something that I have missed before.  I was a bit distracted and unmotivated since I left my 9-5 job. So to be more disciplined and focused, I looked for a planner that suits my needs but unfortunately, none was found. Thereafter, I started designing my own planner and in the middle of the development process, I accidentally bumped into an old file and saw my own custom-made planner made during my university years.

At that time, I get a head knock! This is what I have been missing all these while and what I should be pursuing now!  All my past moments suddenly made sense. I did feel I was drifting away since I was in employment. The hustle and bustle of daily life as a working adult has left me unaware of my defective relationship with Allah – prayers no longer felt sweet and I found myself caught up with worldly goals. I was living a life with no other purposes except for the sake of enjoyment.

This was actually different when I was a university student. I actively participated in various programs and I had my own club that aimed to spread knowledge in order to reach akhirah-related goals but it all went downhill when I entered my career years. The main reason behind my positively different life back then was because I had a proper system that guarded me and made me evaluate myself from time to time.

Allah reminds us in the al-Quran that if we remember him, then he would definitely remember us. We are all aware that syaitan or devils work extra hard to fool us and dunya is a temporary world. We should not forget to examine ourselves whether we are falling into the devils’ trap and deceit to succumb to this materialistic world. Life in this world is short but the tests are challenging. We know that we are forgetful creatures, but how and what should we do to prevent ourselves from continuously living on that basis?

So with my inspiration and wisdom, I redesign my old planner with a more comprehensive and balanced system with the aim of attaining success here in this world and hereafter. I hope that along this journey, you would feel happy and enjoy your progress and the rewards from Allah for your efforts. Do keep your intentions sincere with the aim to please Allah, even in simple things in life, such as immediately make your bed once you wake up in the morning because Allah loves cleanliness; or having a healthy meal to show your gratitude for the healthy body Allah has blessed upon you. These will definitely improve your quality of life. Let’s strive to our maximum potential and subsequently succeed in both worlds.

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